Bio Bases Business
Our future is Bio Bases Business
Bio Based Business is our future


Dutch Platform Bio-based Business

The Dutch Platform Bio-based Business was founded in 1999 in order to improve the awareness with all market parties and other stakeholders. Its mission statement is:
"The strengthening of the market demand for renewable resources in industrial, non-food applications, products and processes by stimulating the public awareness of the positive contribution of these resources for a sustainable society."The Platform expects to realise this mission through:

  • the stimulation of the general discussion about renewable raw materials
  • strengthening the awareness with the consumer, the acceptation and the demand for renewable resources
  • to identify new developments
  • to identify and help eliminate non-technological barriers to market introduction of renewable resources-based products.
  • to catalyse and promote demonstration projects and applications
  • to carry out individual promotion activities and other actions as defined by the participants of the platform

The Platform hopes to contribute to the discussion on how resources of agricultural origin can play a role towards sustainable provision of raw materials. A chain is easier to pull than to push, and with this motto the Platform Bio-based Business is focusing on the "making" industry, but certainly not forgetting the consumer.